Financial Treasury and Forex Management (FTFM)
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1Leverage Analysis4 Video(s) 05:39:00
2Capital Structure9 Video(s) 08:25:00
3Capital Budgeting35 Video(s) 19:43:20
4Cost of Capital- 12 Hours7 Video(s) 10:26:22
5Forex ( International Finance )3 Video(s) 05:57:14
6Time Value of Money (TVM)2 Video(s) 02:48:43
7Working Capital Management2 Video(s) 04:07:00
8Cash Management2 Video(s) 03:24:00
9Receivable Management6 Video(s) 07:53:00
10Portfolio Management24 Video(s) 16:21:00
11Lease Vs Finance11 Video(s) 05:36:00
12Dividend Decision4 Video(s) 07:00:00
13Deriviative21 Video(s) 13:04:00
14CFS5 Video(s) 04:46:00
15FFS1 Video(s) 01:16:00
16Inventory Management5 Video(s) 06:49:00
17Ratio7 Video(s) 03:41:00
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