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Advance Company Law Full Course Details By CS NK Singh

No of views allowed – 200% (Extendable as per the requirement of Student)
Validity- 1 year
Books -Books with interactive flow chart.

1Company formation and conversion2.40 hrs approx
2Company formation and conversion-II.3.10 hrs approx
3procedure for Alteration of Memorandum and Articles3.40 hrs approx
4Issue, Alteration and Allotment of securities.4.40 hrs approx
5Buy back3.40 hrs approx
6Reduction of Capital2.40 hrs approx
7Debt instrument-Debentures2.10 hrs approx
8Debt instrument -Deposit5.40 hrs approx
9Procedure relating to Membership, Transfer and Transmission2.50 hrs approx
10Independent Director, woman DIRECTOR, Small shareholders Director3.40 hrs approx
11Appointment of directors19.5 hrs approx
12Vacation and Removal of office of director3 hrs approx
13Board’s Power And Restrictions.5.40 hrs approx
14Related party transactions2.30 hrs approx
15Appointment and remuneration of managerial personnel3.30hrs approx
16Register1.00 hrs approx
17COMMITTEE`hrs approx
18Managerial Remuneration4.30hrs approx
19Meeting of Board and its Powers3.30hrs approx
20General Meeting9.30hrs approx
21Company Secretary2.30hrs approx
22Auditors4.30hrs approx
23Preparation And Presentation of Reports-Accounts of Companies5.30hrs approx
24Distribution of Profits- Dividend3.30hrs approx
25Charges\4.30hrs approx
26Inter corporate Loans-Loan and investment by company2.30hrs approx
27E-Filing1.30hrs approx
28Striking off Names of Companies1.00hrs approx
29Recent Trends And Development in Company Law2.30hrs approx
30PRODUCER COMPANY4.30hrs approx
31Trusts2.30hrs approx
32Society2.30hrs approx
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