Cost and Mangement Accounting and Financial Maangement (Group2)
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1Reconciliation Of Cost and Financial Accounts4 Video(s) 02:20:00
2Marginal Costing10 Video(s) 11:44:04
3Standard Costing11 Video(s) 13:40:00
4Learning Curve5 Video(s) 04:27:00
5Decision Making4 Video(s) 04:25:00
6Transfer Pricing3 Video(s) 02:15:00
7Time Value of Money4 Video(s) 03:55:00
8Leverage Analysis5 Video(s) 05:39:00
9Cost of Capital9 Video(s) 10:26:00
10Capital Structure8 Video(s) 08:25:00
11Capital Budgeting13 Video(s) 15:59:00
12Working Capital Management2 Video(s) 04:00:00
13Receivable Management6 Video(s) 07:53:00
14Ratio Analysis3 Video(s) 03:41:00
15Cash Flow Statement4 Video(s) 04:46:00
16Batch Costing1 Video(s) 01:15:00
17Transfer Pricing2 Video(s) 02:15:00
18Budgetory Cost and Control7 Video(s) 08:00:00
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