About Us

About US

How many of you aspire for competitive exams but do not find time to go to coaching class? Many of us hardly get time to walk down to the class and get good coaching to clear these challenging exams. To solve this issue and to do away with all sorts of geographical boundaries that come in way of gaining quality education; studyfromhome.in helps the students connect best teachers across the country so that quality learning can be done anytime and anywhere. 

The site makes accessible India’s state of art and best education anytime and anywhere. The students can get easy access to high quality courses from talented and experienced teachers and organizations from all across the globe.

Time and place can never be a worry for students as they can pick from umpteen numbers of courses spread over and learn from the faculty at their own convenient time and pace and on any kind of device – tablet, smart phone or desktop.

Our Mission

We aim at providing best learning accessible to students easily at anytime and at their finger tips.

Our Approach

  • Deliver best platform for quality education: Our vertically synchronized exclusive platform adapts in sync to the specific needs on the students making the learning better and faster.
  • Table most effective learning: It is proven that self study churns out good outcomes in terms of understanding concepts clearly and getting good results as compared to face to face instructions. Our self paced learning includes more dimensions like randomized assessments, re study and revision modules.
  • Enable peer learning and feedback: Group learning or peer learning is something which helps the students to discuss things and clarify all sorts of doubts. The website brings together all the students who are learning similar topics together and enable them to provide feedback, make assessments, clarify doubts by asking questions and learn from each other.
  • Updated technology: The site leaves no stones unturned to build next generation tools that bring the best academic experience to both students and teachers. Innovative and updated technology is used to make the site user friendly.